Rob's Bio

Hello and welcome to our web site.  I’m Rob Doyling.  I don’t really consider myself to be a genre specific photographer.  I enjoy the multifaceted sides of photography.

It truly is a craft that is constantly evolving, and I try my best to constantly push my creative envelope.  I find it so very interesting that a small little box like my camera taking photos of common everyday occurrences can significantly change my perception of this amazing world that we live on and live in.

I think photography along with the internet has visually brought us to some amazing places on our planet that under normal circumstances, we may never have had the chance to experience. 

 Really making our planet just a bit smaller.


However, I feel that it’s our obligation as photographers to provide that kind of photographic content to show all sides of the world we live in the good the bad and the ugly.

 Photography can provide us with the knowledge we need to help us grow, expand our thought process, maybe to even make us better than what we are, better than what we were. 

I feel that photography can enhance our lives, aid us visually, give us credence, make us strive for something better.  Photography or taking photos is truly something that I have experienced emotional, physical, mental all of these are a part of the multifaceted sides of photography. But most importantly photography must be fun, in the end it must be fun.

I truly hope you enjoy our website our photos and the stories that we provide about our journey through our lens just before we pressed that shutter button and capture a moment in time for you to view.

All the best,

Rob Doyling