Karen's Bio

 My name is Karen Doyling, and I am passionate about photography.  I have two cameras, Canon 5D Mark II and Sony RX10 IV.  The RX10 IV high speed pro camera is much lighter, more compact, and has 4K and a 25x optical zoom with a range from 24-600mm. 

I love the versatility of this camera and I enjoy photographing landscape, water landscape, urban, wildlife and nature.  Its versatility and speed allow me to capture moving such as a bird in flight or a horse in full gallop at a moment’s notice.  I first started photography in 1982 when I purchased my first Minolta film camera and have enjoyed doing photography ever since. 


 Photographic storytelling is the art of conveying stories, ideas, and viewpoints through the medium of photography.  Doing photography is something that I enjoy and frees me from being tangled up with everyday stresses in life and allows me to be creative and speak freely through my photographs.


I am inspired by wildlife, beautiful sunsets, urban / street photography as well as nature and simplicity.  I strive to create stunning real time photos that truly capture the moment and the story that I want my photo to tell.