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Rob and Karen Photography

Long Road Farmers House Leslie Street

Long Road Farmers House Leslie Street

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Long Road Farmers House Leslie Street

It seems like it’s just inevitable that our innovation creating institutions of business thereby creating social capitalism requires and needs growth.  We are slowly stripping away much needed farmland that should be preserved!  Although it cannot be seen just on either side of this photo is the foreboding reality of destruction as the city spills into what was farmland.  This farm and its history will be gone soon so as a photographer I felt I needed to preserve a piece of time that should be remembered.  Ok I’m done.  I’m putting away my soapbox now.  I hope you enjoy this image!


- Just the Print on Breathing Colour Optica One, fine bright white, fine art paper

- Matte finish, textured surface with no-glare

- Using museum quality inks feature permanence ratings up to 200 years, and are resistant to humidity, UV and atmospheric ozone.

- Hand cut edges, ready for framing and paper weight of 300gsm


- Manually stretched canvas on a 1.5" thick wood frame with attached picture hanger

- Gallery Wrap image and ready to hang


 - 1/8" thick aluminium with premium high gloss finish

 - Images are directly transferred onto sleek metal and then treated with a high gloss coating

- Built in keyhole and french cleat included and ready to hang

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