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Rob and Karen Photography

Prairie Barn (Abandoned)

Prairie Barn (Abandoned)

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Prairie Barn Abandoned

My fascination with barns is something I can’t really explain.  When I see an old wooden barn, the older the barn the better. The hewed wood, old stone foundations and rough textures of the weather wood of the building is just something I can appreciate. The stories, emotions and it's untold stories and history captures my imagination.  Barns in the early years for settlers provide self-sufficiency to the families that worked the land.  These old structures were the main storage for food, feed, or animals. There is just a true sense of the past when I look an old barn. This photo for me from the Canadian prairies embodies everything I look for.  What caught my attention was the seclusion of this barn.  The soft earth tone colours of the landscape and the even softer cloud cover I felt made for a great photo.

 I hope you enjoy this image!

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