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Rob and Karen Photography

Whispering Walls Antelope Canyon

Whispering Walls Antelope Canyon

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This was my last photo as we left the slot of Upper Antelope Canyon.  As I came around a bend in the slotted canyon and looked up from the canyon floor, I saw this photo.  I stopped dead in my tracks because the first thing that popped into my head, it was like the walls were whispering to each other.  This was a unique visual angle I had. If these walls could speak I can only imagine the amazing stories they could tell us. After I took this photo, I walk pass and tried to see it again, but the feel was gone, and the canyon walls looked completely different.  It’s amazing how every angle has its own visual distinctiveness within the canyon.  Upper Antelope Canyon is full of abstract formations that could hold your attention for hours.

 I hope you enjoy this image!

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